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True North Furniture Co.

A well-designed piece of furniture is a form to which nothing can be added and from which nothing can be taken away. Good design is an exercise in restraint.

At True North Furniture Co., we combine a reverence for handwork with progressive use of tools and modern technology, our efforts bring about value that can speak with authority not found in decoration; furniture that celebrates the natural beauty of wood and is crafted for a long, useful life.

Our designs are not reflections of transient fashions but rather, they are our own labour of love as they are influenced by craftsmen and designers of the past. Working with proportional spatial patterns, sequences of joints and surface levels, balanced use of straight and curved lines, we bring you timeless pieces that have relevance across cultures and style movements.

A pass of your eye over the surfaces of our furniture reveals time-honoured methods of joinery that leave you comfortable with your investment. As a sign of our commitment to quality, all True North pieces are discreetly branded and guaranteed for life against any defects due to materials or workmanship.

Dedicated men and women form and fashion their functional art in our workshop for homes like yours, and it is on their behalf that we welcome you to this presentation.