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3 Tall Bookcase with 2 Doors

3 Tall Bookcase with 2 Doors
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    3 Tall Bookcase with 2 Doors, Mission Crown Moulding, Mission Doors, Mission Cutout - Bookended together. Added to middle, Upper Doors with Arts and Crafts Glass. Tinctured Baby White/Regular Rub and Baby White Wood Knobs. Hardware used to secure bookcases together.


    1101-5D 36W x 72H x 112 1/2D Each Bookcase

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Our boys, ages 5 and 7, have matching True North desks in their room. We love them! Not only are they incredibly well-made and able to withstand enthusiastic playtimes, but we know that they will still look great 15 years from now, when they are being used for textbooks instead of Lego!

- Jodi Warkentin